Crayola Garage Paint ~Life with the Downing Family ~Orlando Family Photographer

April 5, 2019

Recently I have been on a mission to take more photos. I don’t know why, but I realized many of our images are posed and not candid. So I purchased a camera for personal use (so I don’t need to bring my professional equipment everywhere) AND I AM SO HAPPY I DID. I take it every where, I leave it out in our house so if I feel like picking it up to take photos, I can. I bring it out with us, on trips EVERYWHERE. I was always so worried to bring my pro camera and lens out. Not that I don’t take good care of it BUT when I use it for my business I try to make sure that equipment stays clean and ready to go to a shoot.

I snapped these photos with a Canon 60d and a Sigma 30 1.4 art lens (yep I did not know they made this lens either) Dawson tagged a long to a shoot and I wanted to try out this camera and lens combo. I was comfortable with the price point, but I still wanted to make sure the quality was there. It did not disappoint.