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January 11, 2020

For 2020 I am changing things up a bit. Nothing crazy, but I want back to my roots. I want to capture real emotion in all seasons of your life. I have been feeling less than creative lately and that really got to me. Why? I love my clients, I love photography so why the struggle? Time for some truth….. I was feeling burnt out. Burnt out taking ordinary photos that were not recognizable as my own. When it comes to senior photography, I have really found my niche. So why can’t I do that with family photos? Why do my clients not expect to be wowed!? SO 2020, heres to the wow! Epic family photos at every season in your life. I want you to hear your child’s laugh when you see your photos, feel your loved ones kiss and remember exactly what you felt during your session and time in your life. Starting 2020 off with a bank and one of my fav families.