LKDP Seniors ~ Senior Photography Orlando Florida ~Dr. Phillips Photographer

October 8, 2018

Moment of truth here……I realized these past few weeks I am NOT a good blog writer. I really wish I was, but I just stink at it. Not because I don’t love my clients, and get to know them, because I do. But I am just a bad writer. I am surprised I didn’t learn this in school, that I stink at it. My husband often jokes that I will teach our son math, and he will teach him writing. Apparently he has known all along.

Anyone else feel this way? Do you wish you could just share your pretty images and say nothing?!?! Is there a class for blog writing? How do I get better? SO MANY QUESTIONS

But seriously, as a senior photographer I have grown my business on getting to know my clients and their friends. It runs on word of mouth. I strive to make each experience fun and unique and hopefully that is why they want to work with me. Luckily it is not based on my writing skills 🙂

Check out sweet Olivia’s session in Dr. Phillips. The lighting and her eyes were on point. I could photograph her allllllll day!