Class of 2024-2026 Spokesmodel Applications ~Orlando Senior Photographer ~LKDP

January 21, 2019

Applications are open and I am so very excited! If you are ready to apply, please go HERE.

Want to get more information? Scroll below for frequently asked questions or email me and I am happy to help!

Want to view more of my work? Here is my 2023 Senior look book and it is PACKED full of great information and images. Spokesmodels work a little different due to the multiple shoots, but this is still a great place to start. If your highschooler is selected as a spokesmodel, you will choose the senior investment package that works for you. BUT instead of ONE senior session, we will shoot roughly once a month throughout their high school years. This includes family photos for the holidays as well as cap and gown photos at the end of their senior year.

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I loved working with my spokesmodel team this year and this coming team will be the best yet! I have so many exciting things planned and I am dying to share them with you.

Please review the FAQ below to learn a little more about being a spokesmodel and what to expect.


Summer shoots 2024

Multiple shoots throughout the year (dates in advance when possible)

Full senior gallery with multiple looks and locations

Optional family photo session for holidays

Cap and gown photos at the end of senior year

LKDP Swag Bag

Access to all photos with download rights

Hair and Makeup options for shoots

Client closet access for all shoots


Active on social media

Stylish, energetic and love to have fun

Involved in extracurricular activities

Represent LKDP throughout Highschool

Spokesmodel contract and senior session investment

LKDP Exclusive

Spokesmodel FAQs

What exactly is an LKDP Spokesmodel?

An LKDP Spokesmodel is a local high school senior or junior. This is an exclusive team that is limited to a select number of applicants each year. You will participate in photos shoots with me throughout the school year and get to meet other from the area. We will work together often and document all of the changes throughout your senior or junior year.

If you are chosen as a spokesmodel, you are agreeing to use LKDP as your exclusive photographer.  

What type of photo shoots will we participate in?

The best part about being a spokesmodel is the photo shoots! Every year, I plan multiple group shoots for you to take part in. Some of my favorites are our parking garage and field day, beach day, best friends day, family holiday photos and cap and gown day. All group shoots are open only to spokesmodels. You will also get to participate in smaller shoots that are tailored to your style with outfit changes. Every year is different and I want to keep things fresh and fun. I make changes to the shoots each year and work to make it fit the current ladies. We are all unique!

I am involved with a modeling agency or I would like to be, can I still participate?

YES OF COURSE! Working with me exclusively just means you can not book another photographer for portraits or senior photos. Modeling, school or style shoots through your agency are totally fine and I love that a lot of my team goes on to pursue modeling. If you ever have any questions about if something is a conflict, just ask, normally we can make anything work!

Do you take non model team clients

YES of course. Being on the model team is not for everyone. If you would rather book your senior session with me only I do that too!

Do I have to attend every photo shoot?

NO, and it might not always fit in your schedule. I try to schedule enough shoots, date options, and locations so that most can attend multiple shoots a year. Sometimes I will ask the team for the best dates and sometimes I will choose, but I always try to work around you. If something is not working with your schedule reach out and we can find something that does. The goal is for you to have shot at a few locations by the end of senior year.

Do I need to purchase special outfits or have professional hair and makeup for every shoot?

NOT AT ALL One of my favorite things about working with seniors is helping your natural beauty shine through. For the most part, looks will be natural and a tribute to your personal style. Sometimes I will need something specific, but if hair or makeup needs to be professionally done for a shoot I provide that. See below about the LKDP Closet

What is the LKDP Closet?

I have partnered with some awesome boutiques to provide clothing for your shoots. IF you are looking for something special, or I need a certain look I have clothing options for you. No need to purchase anything special for your shoots. I update this often and keep a variety of styles.

What do you mean by LKDP is my exclusive senior photographer?

As an LKDP spokesmodel you agree to work only with me for your senior year. This means not booking another senior photographer. This does not include the photos your schools require you to take OR modeling that you might already be doing. If you have questions about this just ask.

Do I get to keep my photos?

YES! All spokesmodels get a personal gallery link where I edit, and load all of the photos from their sessions. You can download, print and share directly from this link.

How do you select the team and how many people will you take?

This is the hardest part! Last year I had 120 applications. I don’t start off with a set number, my goal is always to choose the team who best fit my brand. A team helps me to narrow down applications and then I make the final selection. I am looking for well rounded applicants who are involved around their schools and communities.

I applied but was not selected, now what?

I know not being selected can be a disappointment, believe me it is tough on me too. My main goal is to keep the team exclusive and choose a team that will represent my brand well. I am also looking for members from a variety of schools. If you are a sophomore, you can always reapply your junior year. If you are already going to be a senior, please reach out about booking. I would still love the chance to work with you!

What is the spokesmodel fee and when is it due?

The investment starts at $750 (my smallest package) but you have the option to select a package with prints included. This includes the booking for your senior session, it is due May 1st. There are NO other required fees to gain access to your photos or purchases to make. Most of the team will shoot with me 6-8 times before the end of their senior year.

I won’t be a senior next year how does this apply to me?

Every year I take a limited number of Junior spokesmodels. This team gets a head start as a spokesmodel and will start with limited photoshoots their junior year. They are automatically on the Senior team and do not need to re apply. Senior year is when the bulk of your photos will happen.

How can I apply early as a freshman or sophomore?

Each year I take a handful of spokesmodels who are not seniors yet. These applicants stand out in one way or another and I love getting to know them a little early. This is limited. So if you are not selected please don’t be disappointed. I would love to have you reapply before your senior year.