Jenna and Jon ~Old Daley at Crooked Lake Weddings ~Albany NY Weddings ~Lauren K Downing Photography ~ Old Daley New York

March 28, 2024

Taking this wedding from the archives seemed only fitting on my new website launch day. Back to where it all began. Jenna and Jon were my FIRST real wedding. My first couple to trust me with their day. I met Jenna through a search for a couple to take free engagement photos with me. I never thought it would turn into anything more, but Jenna and I quickly hit it off. When they mentioned possibly having me come to NY for their wedding I thought she was kidding. I told her I would do it if she wanted, but I half expected to never hear from her again after I delivered her engagement photos. WELL that’s not what happened……

Jenna did fly me to NY for her wedding with Jon, but really it has become more than that. Jenna is one of my dearest friends. She is the kindest and sweetest person I know, who will do anything for anyone. She is a teacher, but also a very talented photographer herself. Check her out at Jenna Kay Photography. Jon is a crazy talented musician. We have had a lot of firsts together, not just her wedding. We were pregnant with our wonderful kiddos at the same time. We visited pediatricians together, have shot weddings together, watched our babies grow together. I love this family!

Many of my first clients came from a referral from Jenna. To say she helped to kick start my photography business is an understatement. Many of us look back on our first wedding and cringe, I look back and love these photos even more. Yes, I have learned a lot since then, but the memories are sometimes more important. Looking back there is so much I should have done differently, but I love that she took a chance and trusted me with her wedding.

So, for launch day I am taking it back to where it all started. Seems like the perfect time because……. I will be in Albany in June for another special wedding and then in October will be joining Jenna’s family once again for the wedding of her sister. I may cry through the whole thing, or maybe just when daddy sees her for the first time, this part always gets me.