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February 20, 2020

Man do I love being a destination photographer. This past summer we packed up and headed to New York for a favorite photographers wedding. We took the opportunity to take a little detour into the city for Dawson’s first trip to Times Square. We had the BEST time and made so many memories. We still laugh about this trip. Some of our favorite things: 1. Taking Batman on a tour of all of favorite New York Places

2. Eating meatballs at EVERY place we went

3. Taking Dawson to the Brooklyn Bridge for photos….he calls it Spider Man’s Bridge

4. Watching Dawson’s face when he first saw Times Square

5. Hearing Dawson say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Statue of Liberty on the boat from Battery Park.

6. Fiorellos (if you don’t know you should)

Our first stop in New York was Saratoga Springs. We stayed by the race track and bonded with some of the local horses. Dawson was less than thrilled when we landed and he did not immediately see Times Square from the plane. Luckily it was so FUN!!!!!

Big Apple here we come!!! With Batman of course. Feeling extra blesses for sweet friends who tag along on my crazy adventures! Thanks Mary, Shannon and Mimi