Europe Vacation Destination Wedding Photographer

March 18, 2020

We have literally been dying to go back to Europe since we got onto the flight home. The long flight was not as bad as we thought and yes I really did sleep!

Our favorite city had to be Paris. We were surprised we liked it as much as we did, but this is definitely a stop we would make again. The food was amazing everywhere. I have dreams about the prosciutto. Fresh and hanging in every deli we past. We rented a car in Italy and while I highly recommend having a vehicle (I did not trust the trains) It was pretty crazy driving there. The roads are small and the other cars are fast! I really don’t know how more accidents do not happen there. BUT the manage and we adapted.

We also had photos done with the AMAZING French Grey Photography. Being on the other side of the camera was cool and he was so patient with us. We loved this experience and we would certainly book with him again.